the dept., senate, and house have a long history of not enforcing the C.F.R. in respect to disabled veterans. they say without fail the vet comes first, yet time and again the vet has ended with the short end of the stick. the worst short end of the stick was and is PTSD VETS from Viet Nam, the first line of denial was paranoid schizophrenia and they did not have to help. yet if one looks up in the C.F.R. it is written if a vet is rated as such then the vet is given a rating of SERVICE CONNECTION period. I know of no vet that was service connected for same. all of the governing bodies knew and allowed the vet to suffer. now it begins again, the lies, and the senate and house pushing and shoving along with the dept. get what hidden agenda each one wants. just do what is right. PERIOD